Partners in PinkBreast Cancer Support Network

One step at a time.

We are a newly-launched 501(c)(3) non-profit.  We work with  the care team to help provide direct financial assistance to those in need.

Why we care

Partners in Pink was established in 2015 by two Kaiser Permanente (KP) volunteers and  who are themselves breast cancer survivors. Both Judey and Marlene received all of their cancer care at Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center (KP OMC) in California.  Their coordinated cancer care team was by their side every step of the way through the initial diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and after care.  Upon recovery and after learning that many KP members diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses face formidable financial concerns, the two women made a commitment to assist other patients receiving care at KP OMC for cancer and other life threatening illnesses.  The organization was established to help lessen the financial burden of receiving a cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment and post-treatment care. 

Who we are

Our Mission


Partners in Pink is there to lend a hand. 

The mission of “Partners in Pink – East Bay… is to provide financial assistance to Kaiser Permanente  members with financial need who are in treatment for  cancer or a life-threatening illness.

Donated funds go directly to help KP East Bay members with verified financial need with one or more of the following:

- Costs up to $600 associated with cancer care (and not covered by other financial need programs) including co-pays for medical appointments, lab tests, adjuvant drugs or items needed to manage side effects
- Transportation -related costs associated with cancer care
- Emergency funds needed immediately for basic needs